Friday, September 12, 2008

Bike thoughts

-Singlespeed was the only way to go for sure.
-24-22 gearing was great or 22-20.
-No brakes, the grit & sand destroyed the bb7's in less than a week and we eventually took them off. We didnt really need them anyway.
-Fixed is not a bad idea at all, For pugs, running a fixed on the front as backup is the way to go, the bmx freewheel stopped turning by hand after a few days due to lack of seals. That being said, both our freewheels (shimano & DT) worked fine the whole trip.
-Phil wood bb's are still spinning slop free - This is nothing short of totally amazing.
-Chains took serious abuse, stainless might be the way to go for longer trips.
-Surly tubes are bomber, zero flats and their ease of patching was good piece of mind.
-OMM Racks were bomber as expected, they were beat up hard and held up great.
-Checking the tightness of chainring bolts is pretty darn important...


Neve_r_est said...
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Neve_r_est said...

Tomi cog in place of the disc might be the trick.

Good product testing!


Eric said...

not with pugs though - cant do it with the offset dish.

Kid Riemer said...

RE: the BB7's. I believe part of them is Magnesium and Magnesium doesn't do well in least that's what we've noticed here in Minnesota when they salt the roads.

Sacred Rivers said...
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Sacred Rivers said...

How can you deny my greatness?

Vik said...

On the muddy Dempster Highway I was not loving my BB7s either and would have happily swapped in some v-brakes.

Do think another brand of disc would have fared better?

saiful10 said...

Great like it...

David Barnes said...

im going to alaska in January
is there anything we can do adventure-wise that time of year?

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