Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sitkagi Bluffs

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Eric called at 10 p.m. Wednesday from Fountain Stream after fixing his crank and starting back up the coast. Here's his report:

This is Dylan and Eric. How's it going? We're about a mile and a half east of Fountain Creek, on the west end of the Sitkagi Bluffs. Anyway, yesterday ... beautiful last two days weatherwise and we got a box from Greg at Speedway with the cranks and a fine bottle of Belgian beer and Doritoes, so we put in a good half day of excellent fun biking and then, yeah, today it was pushing and ( ... call cuts out and words are garbled). Anyway, I think this is cutting in and out but I'll talk to you later. We got to get over to Icy Bay. See you.

Sounds like where they were at 10 p.m. was about 20 miles east of Icy Bay, which is their big open water crossing. I imagine they're moving late into the night to try to hit Icy Bay as early as possible Thursday, if winds are favorable. The weather forecast for the area calls for light winds and a 40 percent chance of rain. Could be favorable conditions for a packraft crossing if all goes well.

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wfinley said...

I think this is where Sitkagi Bluffs is...,-140.789795&spn=0.501239,1.204376&t=h&z=10&iwloc=addr