Saturday, August 30, 2008

Icy Bay

At 9:40 p.m. Saturday the guys called to report smooth sailing and happy riding. Here's Dylan's report:

Hey, it's Dylan and Eric. I don't know if our call got dropped yesterday or not, so quick recap: As we crossed Icy Bay, it was bluebird, it was awesome. Fuckin three-hour packraft, open-water paddle. It was amazing. We did some hero biking yesterday and today on the sand. It was flat. We got to Cape Yakataga. We got our resupply. We got fire. Everything is great. We're going on to Cordova tomorrow. We're in good spirits. Over and out. Goodbye.

The guys have a bit of distance to cover before they reach Cordova, but from Cape Yakataga, they do have a long stretch of sandy beach to look forward to, based on the map. And if they don't feel like sand biking on the beach, there's a road, an actual road, that leads into the Yakataga State Game Refuge. After that things may get a bit rougher, with lots of wetlands, marsh and mud, followed by the promising slog of the Copper River Delta. But after that, they're on the Copper River Highway and a heartbeat away from the grand prize.


Vik said...

Great work guys....keep on rolling...=-)

Sacred Rivers said...

Thanks for keeping us all informed! This is Eric's worrying Sister :) Thank YOU!!!

Hig said...

I'm looking forward to details once y'all are back. The phone cut out just when you were explaining how you got around Sitkagi!

Looks like not too bad weather in the next few days. I wonder if you guys got a bit of yesterday's storm we saw here on the Kenai Peninsula? It may not have affected areas that far east.

Anyway, sounds like the only real bugger you have left is the Copper River. Lots of good sand and short protected crossings up to there.

The trip sounds awesome.

Gavin said...

And this is Dylan's older brother... I actually wouldn't say that I'm worrying, but I do very much appreciate the updates. Many thanks for continuing to post these – with accompanying maps, no less.